Friday, August 5, 2011

Double Talk from Abortion Groups and Politicians

So, I saw this article this morning and thought to myself, "Hmmm, that's interesting.  The same people who don't want Planned Parenthood centers to be referred to as just abortion clinics wants pregnancy centers, specifically Christian ones, 'to make clear that the center does not perform abortions or make referrals for them.'" These are the words of Dennis Herrera, a lawyer from San Francisco, in a letter he wrote to the chief executive of a Christian pregnancy center there.  I wonder if he also would require Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers to come clean about their propaganda. 

I remember when the defunding of Planned Parenthood was such a big issue, that everybody was putting forth messages like this, where people are making all of these grand claims about how Planned Parenthood provides all of these great medical services for people.  They didn't really want to talk much about abortion, though.  And I'm sure that they don't want to get into talking about how much money they make from abortions and how that really levels out the precentages of the services they offer.  Here is a good article that outlines a bit of the truth behind the numbers.

And as for propaganda, I'm sure that the good people at Planned Parenthood explain all of the complications and repercussions of killing the baby inside of the mother.  I'm sure that they show the mothers the sonogram and explain the development and growth of the baby, as explained here.  Oh, yeah...that's right...they don't have to show the sonagram and all of that stuff.  In fact, here are some real stories about some women's experiences with Planned Parenthood.  Sounds like they give full disclosure to the women before they come in for services, doesn't it.

I wish that the people initiating this lawsuit would just come clean and say that they don't like that these pregnancy centers are Christian.  That is what this is all about...whether God owns us and makes all of the rules that we are supposed to abide by or we are independent agents with no responsibility to anybody but ourselves.  That is the same question that lies at the heart of abortion to begin with, isn't it?

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  1. I just thought you might find this interesting.

    The fact is, in the state of Texas, this is the reality. I hope that it will be a trend started. It is important for the patients to be informed. I have a feeling that most women will be encouraged to decline the offer to hear the heartbeat and see the images. They will have to hear a description of the development or their babies before the abortion can be performed. I hope this helps.

    As far as the pregnancy centers, praise the Lord that Care Net doesn't take any money from the government. They can't regulate what is said. Woohoo!!